IT Recycling

IT Recycling

Which?, the famous consumer group, report that 1 million tonnes of electrical and electronic items are thrown away in the UK every year – that’s enough to fill Wembley stadium six times over (Source:

At Green Machine we believe there is a useful life for 80% of this equipment. We also think the other 20% can be reused or recycled in a more sustainable way. Together, let’s stop the landfill nightmare.

We look for any IT or communications related equipment from laptops, PCs and servers to IP phones.


  • PCs and Apple Mac desktops
  • Laptops and Apple MacBooks
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Computer monitors
  • Servers
  • Storage equipment
  • Routers, switches and networking equipment
  • Printers, fax machines and scanners
  • IP telephone systems
  • Server racks
  • UPS batteries